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Welcome! Thank you so much for reading my writing on: my Czech/American family, my Buddhist practice and my ‘Sustainable Development’ and Impact work. I would love to hear your thoughts…. Please do write me on my contacts page. Warmly, Jindra

Personal Writing: Jindra (Serena) Čekan/ová is a non-fiction writer, focusing on her Czech-American family biography as well as on writing from her experience as a Buddhist for 25 years (via Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh). A dual citizen, USA/ Czech, she currently runs two firms (www.ValuingVoices.com on global development and www.LesyCekanova.cz on Czech forestry). She also is a mother and loves giraffes.

Professional Work: Jindra Monique Cekan, Ph.D. is also an international political economist who has 34 years of experience in international development, using participatory methods to learn from villagers and ministers in 27 countries. She has worked for many non-profits, donors, and for-profits. Since 2013, she has focused on ex-post project evaluation and what it can teach about sustained impacts.

More about her work publications here. To check out her forestry site click here.

Personal: JindraCekan@gmail.com

Professional: Jindra@ValuingVoices.com


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